EnvironOdour is committed to providing complete solutions to odour problems.
EnvironOdour is committed to providing complete solutions to odour problems.

Range of Testing

For every odour sample, the sampling bag is rinsed by filling the bag with the odour sample and then squeezing the odour sample out of the bag using our custom designed odour sampling drum, the DynaDrum.

In order to determine the emission rate, we take the temperature, humidity and air velocity readings at the source. If necessary, the predilution of the odour sample is performed to reduce the moisture content in the bag.

A small capacity (5 litres) and thicker (25 microns) sampling bag (Nalophan TM) is used for odour sample collection and storage. The reduced sample volume is likely to reduce the sample losses through the sample storage. Furthermore, the predilution of the samples using Nitrogen gas can preserve the sample for an extra long time if transportation is required.

All the testing items are performed on our 4th generation DynaScent olfactometer.

• Odour concentration (OC) - DynaScent Digital Olfactometer (AS4323.3) determination of odour concentration using dynamic olfactometer
• Odour concentration-intensity (OCI) - modified Germany VDI 3882.1 determination providing specific odour impact criteria for various odour emission sources
• Odourich (intensity, character and hedonic tone, ICH) - DynaScent Digital Olfactometer (AS2542.2.3) evaluation for ambient odour for the investigation of odour complaints
• Triangle testing – DynaScent Digital Olfactometer (AS2542.2.2) for fingerprinting odour complaint sources


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