DynaScent Digital Olfactometer uses three sniffing cups.
DynaScent Digital Olfactometer can be calibrated by the users.

Unique Features

The DynaScent Olfactometer represents an entirely new generation of olfactometers.  The DynaScent is the first digital olfactometer and is arguably the most advanced and sophisticated olfactometry instrument in the world.  The instrumental performance exceeds European standards of odour measurement.  The key features are summarised:

  • A revolutionary design in gas mixing and feature packed software developed by experienced specialist, using motion controllers to move highly accurate metering valves to adjust  sample flows and air flows. 
  • Extremely accurate and repeatable dilution ratios from 2 to 262,000 over 18 dilution steps.   The dilution accuracy is less than 5% and the instability is less than 2% for dilution ratios between 2 to 2000.  The dilution accuracy is less than 10% and the instability is less than 5% for dilution ratios between 2,000 to 262,000.
  • Venturi gas mixing mechanism with improved sniffing cups to reduce the backpressure effects on the dilution process caused by the nose during the sniffing.
  • Minimum contamination by eliminating the flow measuring device (such as a rotameter or mass flow meter).
  • Fully automated flushing programs with three levels of cleaning between samples, between testing rounds and between dilution steps during the operation.
  • Automated calibration using mass flow rate to confirm the dilution ratios.  During the calibration, the real readings are displayed live on the computer screen with the graph updated every second.  The dilution ratios are automatically calculated from the readings.  The mass flow calibration provides a quicker and more economic method.  The whole calibration can be completed within a few hours.
  • Intelligent operation that selects the optimum starting step,  flushes the olfactometer and completes the sample testing without operator interference. 
  • Database management system to store the experimental data for the analysis of panellists, instrument and laboratory performance.  The software includes 9 on-screen analysis and 11 reports.
  • LCD touch screen facilitates quick and easy panellist responses.
  • The operating system is built upon Microsoft Windows for easier data integration with user's existing systems.