DynaSampler Predilution Probe

DynaSampler Predilution Probe

Pre-dilution technique for hot, wet and high strength odour is recommended to maintain sample integrity. Pre-dilution is used not only to prevent sample losses from hot and wet stack sources but also to prevent contamination of the olfactometer by highly odorous samples. The latter can extend the working dilution range of the olfactometer. Light, portable and easy-to-use, this device can be transported, operated and cleaned whether in the field or laboratory. With built-in mass flow meter and temperature and humidity sensors, the DynaSampler is fast, accurate and convenient. It also has Bluetooth wireless capability allowing data to be synced with a Pocket PC, providing on-the-spot dilution ratio. With readily exchangeable orifice inserts, the device can produce dilution ratios of up to 100 times, making even the most extreme odour sampling possible.

Stack conditions such as pressure, temperature and moisture level can affect the dilution ratios which are normally determined under the normal conditions. For example, the high stack pressure can increase the stack gas to be collected or the high temperature stack has less mass under normal temperature. Despite the use of in-situ tracer gas calibration, the performance of the system is largely dependent on the stack conditions and calibration procedures. In fact, the dilution ratios from most predilution stack samplers are assumed and is not measured in the field condition.

DynaSampler offers an unique feature to allow the dilution ratio to be determined during the sampling under the field conditions. The efficiency of the predilution is continuously monitored using built-in temperature and humidity sensors and displayed on a pocket PC via a wireless connection. This means that there is no calibration required for the DynaSampler except for the calibration of mass flow meter. The measured dilution ratio takes into account the stack conditions (pressure, temperature and humidity).


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