EnvironOdour is committed to providing complete solutions to odour problems.
EnvironOdour is committed to providing complete solutions to odour problems.

Odour Management Projects

The following is a partial list of projects that we have participated in:

  • Biofilter performance monitoring and optimization
  • Odour Intensity Measurements for the Meat Processing Industry
  • Odour intensity measurement for wastewater treatment plants and alumina refineries (Perth, Western Australia)
  • Development of odour impact criteria for Australia dairy industry.
  • Development of odour impact procedure for Australia pig industry.
  • Odour emissions from poultry litters.
  • Development of odour policy in Western Australia.
  • Odour emissions and biofilter performance studies for Sydney Water.
  • Odour audit for Northern Territory Power and Water Authority.
  • Fugitive emission studies for landfills in Sydney region.
  • Odour and ammonia emission reduction from chicken broiler growout farms.
  • HAPs screening study at Mirrabooka Landfill, WA.
  • Establishment of new odour research laboratory at National Taiwan University in Taiwan.
  • Integration of odour emission measurements from area sources with dispersion modelling analysis of environmental impacts.
  • Odour and VOCs removal by biological filters.
  • Chemical characterisation and olfactometric measurement of odours from sewage treatment process units.
  • Odour emission surveys for Western Australian Water Authority.
  • Odour emission study for Lucas Heights waste depot.
  • Odour emission study at Rockdale feedlot, Yanco, NSW
  • Odour emission database for pig farms.
  • Odour studies for major Sydney Water coastal sewage treatment plants at Malabar, North Head and Shellharbour.
  • Odour emission measurements for major Sydney Water inland sewage treatment plant at Glenfield, Penrith, West Hornsby, and Quakers Hill.